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Adolescent Physicals

Sierra Pacific Pediatric Associates

Pediatricians located in Fontana, CA & Eastvale, CA

Children of all ages need to have a physical each year, and as children enter adolescence, the nature of the physical changes. The experienced male and female physicians at Sierra Pacific Pediatric Associates are sensitive to the needs of older children, and they know how to perform the exam without unduly embarrassing your child or making them uncomfortable. To make an appointment for your adolescent child, please contact the office in Eastvale or Fontana, California.

Adolescent Physicals Q & A

What is an adolescent physical?

An adolescent physical is similar to a physical exam performed on a younger child. The goal of the exam is to screen for common health problems, evaluate your child’s current health and development, and answer any questions you or your child may have. Physical exams performed on adolescents also include additional screening tests or services that aren’t necessary for younger children.

What happens during an adolescent physical?

At the beginning of the physical, a member of the Sierra Pacific Pediatric Associates staff will take your child’s vital signs, measure weight and height, and ask some basic questions. Next, a physician will perform a thorough physical exam and evaluate your child’s development. Depending on the situation, parts of this exam may focus on puberty and related issues.

If your child needs vaccinations, they may be provided during this appointment. Your child’s doctor may also prescribe medications or offer medication refills.

How can the doctor make physicals easier for adolescents?

Adolescents are often uncomfortable during physical exams. Sierra Pacific Pediatric Associates allows children to choose whether they want to see a male or female physician. The physicians also offer the child an opportunity to ask questions about their health, development, or any other issues that may be concerning them.

When should parents schedule an adolescent physical?

Adolescents should have a physical exam once every year to ensure proper growth and development. If you or your child want to see the doctor at other times during the year, you can schedule a general office visit or sick visit, depending on the issue.

Can parents accompany their children to adolescent physicals?

You can stay with your child during an adolescent physical if they feel more comfortable with you present. You can also wait in the waiting room during part or all of the exam, depending on your wishes and your child’s preferences. Discuss this issue with the staff prior to or during the appointment so they can accommodate your needs.